Handmade Alien Dolls

Handmade Alien Dolls
The grey aliens have landed .. on my windowsill

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happiness Is Strange

Exactly as hoped, my new website Alien-Dolls.com has started to receive some internet traffic and attention.
Also as hoped, I have received some nice visitor feedback on my alien dolls. Thank you, universal creator.

In fact to date, four of my fabric art dolls have moved on to new homes.
Two of the PK Nordic alien/human hybrid dolls,
and two of the small gray aliens,
are now experiencing earth life from a different vantage point.

The new co-dwellers are still happily intrigued by their alien doll presence.
And the dolls themselves were quite willing to go.
Oh yes, the dolls wanted that clearly stated, as to not be confused with some abduction story. Touchy subject with these alien dolls, as they are adamant, "Aliens have been unfairly blamed for too many of the human abductions". (Take note of their word choices. Hmmmm.)

As for me, the alien dollmaker, I am more than busy working on new OOAK fabric dolls. More, more, more. Various species, in various colors, plus various clothing items. Working on many, plus so many plans and ideas for even more future dolls, jotting down ideas faster than I can sew.

In all this happy rambling, can you feel that little hint of strange sadness?
Yes it is true, I had become quite comfortable with their companionship, but have not yet emotionally bonded with the newest "works in progress".

Since then, those art dolls have made a few noctural spirit visitations.
Very brief. Honestly, it was nice to see that they are doing well!

All smiles here.


Monday, April 12, 2010

More Grey Aliens

grey alien dolls
Those grey alien dolls are really starting to make their presence known, at least at my house.

It seems like ever since the first arrival here, these little guys just keep coming. A few more at a time.

And they are so quiet, it is always a little surprising. It causes me to stop, and blink, and look closer. "Hey, wait a minute."

At first, they look so similar, and sort of blend in together. But I am not fooled. Especially during the first day so two, when their guilty, dazed facial expression says it all.

Here is a photo of them looking out my sewing room window, watching for more grey alien doll arrivals.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

First Small Grey Aliens are Here!

Small grey alien cloth doll - GR Jay
Finally, some small grey aliens have arrived.

I had announced they were on their way,
but exact date had not been known.

These guys are pretty low key, but do seem to be very focused.

Handmade OOAK alien cloth dolls,
with wire armature so they are poseable

grey alien doll

View more photos and information at:

Many, many more small grey aliens, grey alien dolls that is,
are expected to arrive. And soon!

SadieJane and her Alien Dolls

Sunday, March 28, 2010

PK Babs - Alien Hybrid Cloth Doll

Meet PK-Babs.

She is an Alien / Human hybrid cloth doll.
Babs is original design and OOAK.
She is totally handcrafted, as poseable fiber art cloth alien doll, for adults only.

She is complete with custom made clothing.

More photos and detailed information available at:


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To those dolls who gave their all

During all my initial efforts, I never considered the possible casualties.

I was busy thinking through my one-of-a-kind, original
fabric alien doll design and construction.
Yes, I was creating original cloth and wire designs,
with many various along the way modifications,
and selfishly never considered "at what cost?"

Now some of my handmade alien dolls are ready for their big reveal.
But this trial and error process was only made possible by
the original "crash test dummy" dolls who sacrificed themselves
through various test phases of construction,
helping me balancing substance and style.

These poor babes withstood a fair amount of punishment,
unspeakable mishaps, then removal of those body parts,
just to endure another test application, again.

I felt that those poor, sad gals should receive proper mention,
as they paved the way for all of my future alien dolls,
even if they will never see the light of day ... or the internet.

One moment of silence, please.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Just started this blog, to discuss one of my very favorite topics.
Aliens, and alien / human hybrids. Recreated as fiber art dolls.

My current interest is designing and creating these dolls.
More than interest, passion really.

I have been working on small batches of various species,
some of which are now being displayed on Alien-Dolls.com,
and for sale at SadieJane.eCrater.com/