Handmade Alien Dolls

Handmade Alien Dolls
The grey aliens have landed .. on my windowsill

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happiness Is Strange

Exactly as hoped, my new website Alien-Dolls.com has started to receive some internet traffic and attention.
Also as hoped, I have received some nice visitor feedback on my alien dolls. Thank you, universal creator.

In fact to date, four of my fabric art dolls have moved on to new homes.
Two of the PK Nordic alien/human hybrid dolls,
and two of the small gray aliens,
are now experiencing earth life from a different vantage point.

The new co-dwellers are still happily intrigued by their alien doll presence.
And the dolls themselves were quite willing to go.
Oh yes, the dolls wanted that clearly stated, as to not be confused with some abduction story. Touchy subject with these alien dolls, as they are adamant, "Aliens have been unfairly blamed for too many of the human abductions". (Take note of their word choices. Hmmmm.)

As for me, the alien dollmaker, I am more than busy working on new OOAK fabric dolls. More, more, more. Various species, in various colors, plus various clothing items. Working on many, plus so many plans and ideas for even more future dolls, jotting down ideas faster than I can sew.

In all this happy rambling, can you feel that little hint of strange sadness?
Yes it is true, I had become quite comfortable with their companionship, but have not yet emotionally bonded with the newest "works in progress".

Since then, those art dolls have made a few noctural spirit visitations.
Very brief. Honestly, it was nice to see that they are doing well!

All smiles here.