Handmade Alien Dolls

Handmade Alien Dolls
The grey aliens have landed .. on my windowsill

Monday, April 12, 2010

More Grey Aliens

grey alien dolls
Those grey alien dolls are really starting to make their presence known, at least at my house.

It seems like ever since the first arrival here, these little guys just keep coming. A few more at a time.

And they are so quiet, it is always a little surprising. It causes me to stop, and blink, and look closer. "Hey, wait a minute."

At first, they look so similar, and sort of blend in together. But I am not fooled. Especially during the first day so two, when their guilty, dazed facial expression says it all.

Here is a photo of them looking out my sewing room window, watching for more grey alien doll arrivals.


  1. I was hoping to hear from you again. you said you would make 3 for me. :(